Table 1 : Charge-Transfer Agent-Associated Symptomology


Chronic elevated Systemic levels of charge-transfer agents are variably associated with one or more of a characterisctic set of symptoms. These include neuropsychiatirc symptoms ("Psychosis" ), Movement disroders (Dyskinesia" ), skjn pigmentary disordeers ( "pigment" ), and deafness, as well as fibrosis, arthritis, diabetes, and renal tubular impariment. Common electronically-activated mechanisms may underlie this common symptomology. The same agents may act as pro-oxidants as well as melanin-binders.

Key: + = Reported symptoms,++ common symptom, a = can mediate autooxidation and/or oxygen radical production, b = ameliorated by SOD/catalase or antioxidants, c = Strong melanin binding demonstrated experimentally, d = diabetes, e = cirrhosis secondary to hepatitis, f = renal tubular impairment, g = pulmonary fibrosis, h = cardiomyopathy.