Spin trap

US Patent Number: 5723502

Patent Issue Date: 1998 03 03

Application Number/Date: 465411 / 1995 06 05

Topical spin trap composition and method

Inventor(s): Proctor, Peter H. , TX;
Abstract: A composition and method for ameliorating a cellular dysfunction of a tissue such as the cosmetic treatment of hair loss and stimulation of hair growth are disclosed. The method comprises administering a nitroso or nitrone spin trap such as N-t-butyl-.alpha.-phenylnitrone (PBN) to the affected tissue.

Hair Loss

Index:.. spin trap alopecia antioxidant regrowth redox signaling free radical stroke pbn dmpo pno peroxinitrite hair loss superoxide peroxide nitrone nitroxide parkinson reperfusion altzheimer nxy-059 regrowth endothelium ros signalling skin care.