United States Patent 4,366,216
McGinness December 28, 1982

Electrical energy storage


Electrical energy is stored in a device formed of electrodes coupled with an oxidation-reduction polymer material, such as a polymer of quinone, semiquinone and hydroquinone units, when a current is supplied to the device to create a charge gradient thereacross with units at the positive end being oxidized and units at the negative end being reduced. The charge gradient across the electrical storage device is increased by arranging a plurality of electrically conductive barrier laminations made of a material preventing ion passage therethrough in the oxidation-reduction polymer material to create separated regions of reduced and oxidized functional groups producing an additive charge gradient.

Inventors: McGinness; John E. (Houston, TX)
Assignee: MB-80 Energy Corporation (Houston, TX)
Appl. No.: 222018
Filed: January 2, 1981

keywords: conductive polymer polymers organic metal metals semiconductors semiconductors polyacetylene battery energy storage polyacetylene polypyrrole.